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Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Website for Min Min

Hi everyone , i had already make a new website specially for my niece , Cheng Jing Min since 1st Feb 2009 ! Please visit the link below to get the latest new for her . Thank you . :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Min Min December 2008~

Last week , i help min min to take some photos again ~ She really really very cute ~
I cant imagine what her feeling when she grow up and saw all these photos ~ haha ...

Min Min like to hug by my Grandma o ~~~
Many people said Min Min look like her , is it ?

See , so comfortable right ? hehe ....

Min Min with her mum ...

Min Min Study o ? Serious right ? haha ..

You see Min Min again , her pattern same with last photo , right ? really funny ...
i took these 2 photos in different days one ..

Min Min like to study story book , later must teach her how to talk story ! hehe ...

Do you know my niece like to do what except study ?
She like to go out to look at the flowers ~
Every time she will stop to cry when we bring her out ~
beside that , she like shopping also o , haha ...

What are you looking ya ? Min Min ...

Cute ?

Haha , again ... boy or girl ? Like " Ah Bing Ge " , right ?

Haha , want to sleep lo ...

My mum , My sis and Min Min outside our house .... :)

So happy to see min min smiling , hehe ... can's see her eyes right ?

See , she like flowers right ?

I took so many photos that day , don't know which one should i post here , so i decide to delete some and left these photos only ... my niece really cute and "big" , haha ... every one dote on her ... got ppl tell me she so blessedness because can take so many photos since she small ... haha ...

This is my grandpa and min min , he dote on her very much too ~ every day when my grandpa free , he will hug min min go out to see the flowers , dogs and took her to go for a walk outside ... min min like to play with neighbor's children also , she so happy to go out ~

Min min , dunno when you will see this blog , anyway we will keep it until u grow up and know what we write here ya ... my dear niece .... :)

Min Min ~

There is a very long time dint update my niece's blog already , so sorry cos i am very busy for other things these few weeks ...

Min Min go back to see po po ~

Haha , why so pity , min min was crying o~

Took at Senai , min min dad's house ... :)

Haha , is this Min Min ? A boy or a girl ?

Chinese New Year come already ?
Min Min already has new red cloths for this coming new year lo ~

Min Min with her private car which gave by her uncle and auntie ... :)

Min min and her mum and dad ~~~ :)

All these pic were taken in November 2008 ya ~ :)
Min min is growing bigger than b4 lo ~ haha ...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Min Min November ~

Haha , these are the photos that my sister just email me ... min min in November ~

Wah , min min wearing skirt ??? haha ~

See , my grand ma love min min very much o ~ hehe ... she so happy when carrying min min , right ?

My mum and min min ~ hehe ...

My sister with new hair style and her dear baby~

Wah ~ my father feeding min min wor ?? hehe , never saw it b4 ! haha ~

Min Min Come Back Again ~

So sorry cos long time dint upload any photo abt min min since i back from Kluang after Hari Raya ... After i back to Labuan , i am too busy for my assignment , now preparing for 3 more final exam paper ,so i have about 1 week to study , this is why until now i only have time to upload the photos ... so sorry ya ~
The photos below are some of the photos that i took in my home ! hehe ... Min min so cute !

my mum , grand mum , my sister , me and min min , this photo took one day before i come back to Labuan ... :)

Seem like a family ?? haha , but dun misunderstand , she is not my girlfriend ! hehe ..

Min min , when u grow up , i will show u this photo ya ! I am kissing you ~ hehe ..

The photos below will not have any captions la , just show you only ~ hehe ...

Haha , my niece so cute , right ? Min Min , now is 9th Nov 2008 , 11 days more i will be back to hug you again and kiss you again ya ~ hehe ... see you ~